Spring Coverups

Not that we need them at this time of the year! But these spring light-weight look so damn chic and irresistible! And honestly I don't have the patience to buy and store my new purchases for the next 10 months to come! I'm going through the same Zara dilemma! Why do shops introduce such pretty pieces THIS time of the year! Oh well, I guess I have to practice some self-restraint and admire from from a far. 

Featured coats, from top minimalist beige silk and cotton-blend coat with black leather detail from Malene Birger and it's priced at KD 220 (more or less).  Hmm.. maybe it's not that heavy after all?  On the 3rd photo featured below, we have Red by Valentino trench coat with black lace details and a cute bow at the back. Price tag? KD 305. 


Sn3a said…
the thing is i really don't buy anything this time of the year though the collections are WOW

but i don't know when to wear those pieces cuz it's not winter it's spring and night and morning and it's summer afternoon
the bMB pieces
lace and trench coat! so beautiFUL
Confashion said…
Same here! Well... at least I try as much as I can that I don't! :\
And those two pieces are just classy and oh-so-chic!