The Perfect Afternoon Tea

Now here's an origional-looking 3 tiered cake stand which I spotted at Selfridges during my stay in London. I so wanted to buy the three of them.  But I wasn't up for carrying such fragile pieces and heavy boxes around with me at the airport. The 3 tiers look like someone just put the plates and cups on top of each other but they're all attached. The salesman has informed me that the plates are hand painted and vintage and are all one-off pieces. So perfect for presenting petiti fours,chocolates and sweets... or maybe even jewelry?  


Gorgeoussssss, feminine and so unique! You should have brought one for yourself-- or for us! LOL! :-P
Budour said…
You can find something very similar on the yard:
Confashion said…
The Manhattan Team
I should have, would have, but didn't :\

I love them! Thanks for sharing
Anonymous said…
amaaazing! pure vintagey! :*

check my blog ;):
@ Budour
The pieces from The Yard are GORGEOUS! I may have to buy one soon as a gift for someone. Thanks for letting us know :)
Amal Al Tukhaim said…
sure love to have some tea time after those pics ;)