LV Ride

Ahh… the window displays in London! As I look back now, I realized that I didn’t take a lot of photos like I usually do. I was probably too preoccupied with my shopping list. However I did manage to take a few. And let’s start with one of my fave, the window of Louis Vuitton’s Bond Street boutique -- absolute perfection! The famous monogrammed cases were positioned on wheels on rollercoaster tracks. If you were walking close to the window you will probably not notice that the rollercoaster track feeds through all of LV’s window displays. Only if take a look at the window display across the street you’d see how amazing it was designed. There were two fully operational ferris wheels which hold the brand’s iconic shoes bags, and leather goods. Who ever though of this window theme must be a genius!


S said…
I must say...this by far is the best display I've seen so far! Love it :)
ilike said…
i ilke it
it so creativ
i wonder how they will make it for small window like kuwait
Danderma said…
ooooh how lovely! Bags on a roller coaster... the best thing about LV is their innovative window displays!!! and their bags of course...
Confashion said…
So much work and creativeness have been put to it :)

I don't think they can do the same for Kuwait's boutique, they'll probably just use the same theme of "theme park" I guess

I love their window displays more than their bags actually :P

<3 2
Anonymous said…
Chameleon Visual created these windows,