I want this, this, and that!

My oh my... accessories, accessories, accessories... I just realized that I bought more accessories than clothes during my shopping spree. Did I go overboard? A liiiittle bit. But who wouldn't?! With this whole mesmerizing  London's boutiques displays and the urge to shop till you drop. Besides, I think they're worth every penny since I get more wear-ability out of them. Anyhow, let me share with you some of my favorite pieces, starting with Prada's stripped fur stole (heart!!). According to the sales lady, they come in faux and real fur. The faux ones were completely sold out (of course since it is on my shopping list and yes I would buy that!). The real ones were only for display at that time. I gave the sales lady the "Oh-what-a-shame!-I-wanted-to-buy-the-real-one!" excuse. Hmm.. not sure if I looked that convincing. Moving on... 

On Prada's window display... Stripes Mania.. loved the black and green stripped shoulder bag
I AM IN LOOOOOVE WITH THESE GLASSES and I don't care if I don't have the guts to wear them here in Kuwait. They're collector's items! (Keep on laughing my London shopping buddies)
Adorable charm accessories at Prada
Color crazy hoop earrings which I spotted at an avant-grade accessories boutique called Electrunn located at South Molton Street
More Statement accessories to drool over 


Mademoiselle said…
those sunglasses.. as Rachel Zoe would say.. "I DIE" !
Maryam Al-Malki said…
I just came back from London, where they told me they only have the white one! Too bad, I really want this pair, and who ever laugh at such choice.. simply no nothing in fashion!
Confashion said…
LOVED them :)

Maryam Al Malki
I couldn't agree more ;)
They were available at the brand's boutique in new bond.