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I've started developing a new taste/crush towards home accessories and dinnerware, which can be quite distracting when you're on a shopping mission to work on your wardrobe not your home. I guess I've picked this from my mom.  The more dinnerware she has the merrier, that would be shoes in my case! Anyhow, I spotted these adorable wooden dolls (1st photo) and beautifully decorated plates (2nd and 3rd photos) at Selfridges.  The rest of the photos were taken from Anthropologie's newly opened store in London. 


LadyB said…
Anthropologie <3
Confashion said…
Their clothes section was disappointing though! :\
Anonymous said…
Anthro .. as my wife calls it ... even I can spend some cash in the Home section ... if you haven't yet, download "Man Shops Globe" from iTunes and let me know what you think :)