Here Comes the Modern Bride

Finding a regional designer who designs simple yet sophisticated and glamorous bridal gowns is a rare commodity. And that's what I noticed when I first got introduced to a new Lebanese brand called Azzi & Osta. The brand emphasizes on structure and a timeless, refined elegance. 

Azzi & Osta is a brand that has added a new tagline to the Lebanese fashion scene; a tagline described as a bridge between the dynamics of our modern world and constant thirst for new interpretations for aesthetics. The brand is the brainchild of the designer-duo: George Azzi and Assaad Osta. The two were born in 1986 and joined ESMOD- Beyrouth in 2004 where they got their first chance to explore each other's creative powers. In 2007, Upon delivering their collection for the final project at ESMOD, George Azzi and Assaad Osta won the prize of the president of the Jury Elie Saab and the prize of jury respectively. In which after both became assistant designers at Elie Saab for 18 months; during which they continued to explore each others' approach for work and aesthetics.

Later Azzi freelanced in design and pattern-making.  The creative conglomerate started early with the designers, back to childhood. Azzi's main influences were both of his grandmothers that were involved in tailoring and knitting in addition to surrealist paintings. Osta's was inspired by his mother making her own garments, cinema Noir, and classical music.  Azzi & Osta's style is highlighted with its conceptual volumes that are vintage in soul yet in perfect proportions.

Azzi & Osta's atelier is located in Ashrafieh, Abdul Wahab Al Inglizi Street, Bassil Bldg. GF, Beirut, Lebanon.


I loved all the dresses<3

I just feel that sometimes it's cute for a bride to be a bit covered
gerges said…
These guys are geniuses... I'm not a fashion addict, but I really enjoyed looking at their very artistic dresses
Confashion said…
Chick Flick Journal
I'm sure Azzi and Osta can customize their gowns to the bride's-to'be liking...
And I agree with you.. sometime I prefer gowns with sleeves for a bride.. :)

Their designs are very classy and chic :)
the boudoir. said…
gorgeous!!theyre so what i would like to wear..minimal yet extremely elegent and the structure and cuts wow
Hellwafashion said…
Wow, breathtaking - I love. Great post :-)