Future of Fashion

I went on a much-needed break to London and Paris recently and vowed to unplug myself from technology, so I switched off my mobile phone, which was a successful attempt, and tried to unblog or check my emails, not as successful but I managed to restrict myself to two times of checking and blogging during my entire trip. And in my standards that was good enough. Anyhow, I’m not going to bore you with all the details of my trip. But I’ll be posting some of its highlights.

So, let’s start with London Fashion Week. St Martin's Courtyard, located in Covent Garden, launched an exhibition during LFW of some of London's most talented and upcoming designers specially selected by prestigious fashion colleges and organizations such as Central Saint Martin's, International Talent Support, London College of Fashion, Royal College of Art and Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

The exhibition, titled the Future of Fashion, offered futuristic and eccentric visions of what people may be wearing in years to come. I took some photos of my favorite futuristic pieces to share with you and if you happen to be in London, pass by the exhibition. It’s on until 10th March and admission is free.

Floating male mannequins. Kind of spooky yet very mesmerizing
A marvelous centrepiece sculpture by Kei Kagami resembling a floating gown created from luminous zippers that glow in the dark and is lit from within.
Futeristic shoes by Chau Har Lee

Goddess pendants by Yunus and Eliza


mimi said…
ouch ! these shoes look so painful

it feels like i'm inside Lady GaGa's closet lol