Fifi Lapin Hits Kuwait

If you were not lucky enough to get your manicured claws on Fifi Lapin for Forever 21's limited edition collaboration, then run to Pimkie store in the Avenues Phase I to grab your Fifi Lapin for Pimkie tee or canvas shopping bag.  Thanks to one of my fabulous readers, I came to know about it being stocked in K-town.  The funny thing is that the sales lady was taken by surprise by my enthusiasm and was like? Who is fifi? Is it a cartoon character? Bless her heart.  I probably scared her with the way I was browsing trough the racks! The items were reasonably priced, they retail between KD 4 - KD 8. 

Fifi Lapin is the most stylish and cutest bunny in the world who always get dressed in the latest designer duds and never repeats her clothes. 


Anonymous said…
a7ibhaaaaaaaaa :***
zainab said…
i liked them all<3
Anonymous said…
they look niice!

on a dif point;p
i rly recommend u n all the readers 2 check this blog

LadyB said…
Noon said…
Confashion said…
7abbitich el 3afiya ;)

They're so adorable!

I do follow the blondesalad's posts and I like how dedicated she is and she looks so cute but I don't find her look to be inspiring.. but that's my taste of course :)

7ada! :)