Dear Confashion: The Together Bag

I have received this by email. Following the trend of Banane Taipei bags, here comes the Together bag, a canvas tote with the Birkin print on.  Perfect for groceries, gym clothes, books, and extras. It’s fully lined, and the inner patch pocket keeps your keys and phone within reach. The handles are long enough to throw over your shoulder comfortably and soft once there.  Available in either a red, camel, or blue print of a Hermes Birkin on the canvas tote. Price tag? KD 40.  For orders please call or send an SMS to (+965) 5585-7850.


maryam said…
Hi their Confashions,

It's really weird how people manipulate prices, as this bag actually retails for around 15KD, so I guess some people just buy the bag off the rack and decide to price it accordingly!!!

That is not business! it is rip off!
Anonymous said…
Maybe they have to calculate the shipment cost + their profits to the original price!!
I don’t think that there is any exaggeration on the price, because I already find a similar one on the internet which cost more than 40KD without delivery …
Anonymous said…
i agree with maryam

i found it at

for $35 DOLLARS!!
its even less than 15KD!
Maryam said…
if it in the market for 15kd, then they must buy it from the manufacturer at wholesale price..which is half the price, so 7 kd, shipment would b 1 kd each, so a total of 8 or 9 kd! why is it sold for 40kd! that is crazy! world wide it should be 15kd! you dont find a Chanel bag in Kuwait for 1000kd and in London for 500kd! that is not business it is rip off!