Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear Confashion: Local Tees

Sometimes we don't realize the huge potential of t-shirts being so expressive, aritstic, entertaining, and most of all, a wardrobe staple. Plain ones can be more practical but artistic ones gives your look a personal style. And I have been just introduced to a new local brand called Local Tees.

Local Tees was established in 2010 and was born based on an original idea, with that concept in mind, Local Tees was born and created by Three locals that began with a clear ambition of creating high-end limited edition t-shirts. With a specially chosen, high quality fabric, where the artwork is represented on 50 tees each with an edition number, ensuring no reprints will be forced.

"We believe in building an international network by collaborating with artists that represent ground-breaking self made inspiring artwork, to showcase the exceptional talents from all around the world" expressed Local Tees's representative.

You can start shopping for Local Tees online here. You will also luv the website layout and music. 


Anonymous said...

kharbo6a website, their old website was much better,why did they change it? anyone knows ?

Amt said...

Their website dosnt support mobile version

Confashion said...

I didn't know they had an old website...

Good point!

Anonymous said...


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