Christian Dior's Exhibition in Paris

In celebration of Paris Fashion Week, famous Parisian department store Le Bon Marché held an exhibition dedicated to highlight Christian Dior's heritage and its most iconic pieces. The exhibition space was quite small which was OK with me because sometimes huge exhibition with too much information can be sometimes overwhelming, especially in my case when I'm pressed for time! The moment I stepped in, I felt that the place was to some extent emotionally charged. Or maybe it was just me being influences by all media's publicity and noise going around John Galliano's fall from grace. What do you think about that?

Anyhow, all I know is that I very much enjoyed walking through the exhibition and getting to know more about Dior's history. 

Some famous Dior coffee table books
A giant golden J'Adore perfume bottle
A huge Dior powder compact. Read the description shown below
Monsieur Dior's star through which you can see stars dressed in Dior. The reason why a shape of a star was used, according to the description displayed at the exhibition, is becaused Christian Dior was a firm believer in signs of fate.  In 1946, he discovered a star during a walk through Paris. To him, the meaning was clear: a blessing to open his own couture house. 

A beautiful video installations artfully embedded in vintage Dior boxes
This is amazing! It's a giant Dior virtual book. You stand in front of it and you just wave your hand like you're skimming through the pages and it automatically flips like you're actually opening a new page. 

The virtual book features photos dated back in the 1940's
Red Moire coat with gold embroidery from Dior's Haute Couture A/W 2007/08 by John Galliano

An outfit of ivory fitted jacket paired with black patent croc short skirt from Dior's Haute Couture S/S 1997 by John Galliano

Silk tulle dress embroidered in shades of coral, orange, and brown from Dior's haute couture S/S 2004 by John Galliano


HessandCo. said…
such an amazing exhibition !! great photos!

Confashion said…
Thank you :)