The Best Dressed. Period.

Sometimes when I'm at a reception or a wedding or a gathering with my friends or sisters, the topic of "who's the best dressed girl of the evening" always arises in our chit-chatting session. Which is normal, us being girls who love fashion and appreciate beauty and style. And since I tend to be picky and a perfectionist I don't always give out high scores to the chosen "best dressed" girl.  HOWEVER, Afrah and Sara Bou Hamra, fashionable financers from my hometown, are a different story. Not only they managed to break the norm in our Kuwaiti fashion scene (style and brains, me like!), but they also managed to get an A+ out of stingy moi. As you can see (top to bottom), they were featured in Harper's Bazaar best dressed list, looked fabulous at the 1st Haute Muse event rubbing shoulders with Olivia, and finally and most recently attended Haute Muse's second "Meet the designers" event. Kudos to their fabulous personal style. 

*2nd and 3rd photo credit: Anfal Al-Kandari & Maryam Al-Rasheed, and HauteMuse magazine


Anonymous said…
Cute! the shorter one's definitely amazingly dressed, the taller one not so much IMO.
Confashion said…
I really like their take on fashion and personal style. :)
Anonymous said…
lol i thought u're one of them ;p everyone i ask whos confashion they answer : bou hamra girls..
anyway i like their style .. my favorite