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I was browsing the book at That Al Salasel bookshop, which recently opened at the Avenues Phase II, and a book cover of two novels caught my attention The fashion illustration on the book cover was sooo adorable and reminded me of The Daily Candy's original illustrations which they have used for a long time ever since they launched. Recently they have changed the artwork and I don't know why. I preferred the old ones, they had much more character to them. And on the same day, my sister showed me a t-shirt she got for her daughter from GAP.  They had a special GAP Kuwait t-shirt with Kuwait towers illustrated on it too (last photo). It looked soooo cute. I wish they had an version for GAP women. 


Aisha said…
I love your blog. I follow it every day. Keep up the good work.
CLPig said…
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Confashion said…
Thank you sooo much :)I just checked your blog too! Very nice :)

Thank yooou :) Like your blog too :)