Who will be the Lucky Winner of Kage Giveaway?

Remember the Kage Giveaway to Confashions Readers which I have announced here a few weeks ago and asked you how would you style the limited edition Kage t-shirt? Well, I was so overwhelmed by the amazing feedback I have received. You guys really know how to add a flair to a white tee! Thank you to ALL who took the time and participated! <3

It was hard to pick the finalists with so many stylish options to choose from.  So we filtered the entries and now let's see the finalists starting with a text-only entry: 

"I'd style the t-shirt with a long silk jewel colored skirt, and edge it into the maximalism look of the season for a decadent evening look by accessorizing with lots of bejeweled jewelery in bright jewel colors, also mixing in some Perspex jewelery and accessories to keep it modern. All the color will surround the monochrome t-shirt so showing it off."

And now the images.... 

We'll be announcing the winner tomorrow, so stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
love the text description and the second photo! are you still accepting emails for the giveaway?

Anonymous said…
Thank you for shortlisting my entry.I love the other entries but I hope to win.