Webby Wednesday: The Style Blog By Gigi

Allow me to introduce you to the latest addition of fashion blogs from our region which I got hooked on from its first post. Style by Gigi is run by a fabulous and oh-so-sweet Qatari lady, and it’s definitely more than just another fashion blog; it’s all about style self-expression through photos in beautiful settings all  prepared and styled by Gigi.  With such an impeccable taste paired with its sleek and effortless design layout, it won’t come as a surprise if many of you who appreciate great photography and personal style would gravitate towards this blog. A must-follow.


Is she a local ? she's amazing !
Bint ilKuwait said…
wooow loved her style!!;)
Confashion said…
Senorita Fashionista
Everything's beautiful about these photos :)

Bint ilKuwait
Same here ;)