Relight My Home

My mother needed to go to Abyat in Shuwaikh the other day so I tagged along. I have never been to it before so I was quite impressed by the store’s offering and variety. My favorite section was the lighting, So many retro and funky looking chandeliers and decorative lights and at very reasonable prices. I snapped some photo to keep them as my reference in case we ever plan to do a home makeover, which I think it's happening very soon.


Alya said…
I've heard that Abyat is quite a gem! A lot of my family and friends underestimated the items before going, but ended up finding some great items..
Confashion said…
I liked it a lot! The Wallpapers, the tiles... very nice and their prices are quite reasonable.
Anonymous said…
loved the lace one! very creative! and cute