Monday, February 7, 2011

Purple Reign

This season at Giorgio Armani Privé during Paris Coutour week, deep purple coloured lips and lip jewellery were the news.  I loved how the matte lips in a deep amethyst tone looked on pale yet dewy skin. Not sure if I can pull it off, but you will definitely won't see me with a single crystal on my lip.

I came to know that this lipstick shade will be available soon in K-town and it's called Rouge d'Armani 603. 


1001Nights said...

What is up with sticking crystals on lips and teeth? I saw a girl with a crystal on one of her front teeth it looked rediculous! At first you're not really sure if it's dirt or if she has a teeth problem and then you realize that was done on purpose! So glad you made that statement in the end about never sticking a crystal on your lip, sara7a 7adda shakla ghetto / halaga.

Confashion said...

LOL! The crystal on the teeth is sooo annoying! They probably think it will add extra "shine" to their smile :P


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