Monday, February 14, 2011

Move Over Skinny...

Move over skinny jeans, there is a new denim addition in k-town (or at least my closet!). This season flared jeans are HUGE! And yes, my dear shopaholics, I have bought a new pair of flared jeans, which also need minor alteration with the length. Thank god this style is back because I find them more flattering than skinny jeans. Pair them with wedge heels, no flats please, and a narrow and slightly fitted white or printed top. Or you can sharpen the look a bit with a blazer and a silk equipment top. 


ilike said...

i like it from where ? i guess it is gap ?

LadyB said...

Love it,I got one from massimo dutti ;)
Where did you get urs from?

Confashion said...

Hi girls :)
Mine is from TopShop

That's how I test drive new styles, I buy from high-street and then when I really really like the style, I look for other brands like J barnd (my fave) or Made in heaven... :)

Rita said...

I love flared pants but it is tricky to wear. High waist pants are nice to look at and much more comfortable than hip huggers, also makes your legs look longer, but if you've got curves its really tricky to wear since it makes you look even more curvy and not in a flattering way. What do you think?

bedour said...

wish i could wear this trend! unfortunately being 5 feet tall doesn't help at all :(

Confashion said...

I honestly think that flared jeans are very flattering for curvaceous women because the flare balances out the look. It draws attention to the lower part of the body and not your thighs or tummy. And you would look even leaner if you pair it with a sharp blazer and a pair of heels, Wear also a V neck top to accentuate the collarbone and also give focus to your face :)

Hmm.. you have to test the trend first before you judge. Look for 30inches long jeans and always pick the darkest shade and wear it with wedge heels, u never know, maybe it will work for you :)


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