Let's JAMM

As I was just entering the parking of Phase II of the Avenues, I spotted a sign with the word JAMM on it and arrow directing to the still under constrcution Phase III. So I decided to follow the arrows, parked my car next to semi-isolated lift. I went inside the lift and was then dircted to one of the biggest art space I have ever seen in Kuwait. It turned out that JAMM, an agency which supports contemporary art movement in the Middle East and beyond, has rented the space temoprarily to host its 2nd auction in Kuwait, which was held later that night. So I asked the security if I could take some photos and have a look around. And the guy gladly let me in. The place featured 90 works by emerging and established Arab, Iranian and International artists. There were some really nice and creative pieces on display (especially the ones featured in the 1st and 2nd photos by Pakistani artist Simeen Farhat.

I found out later that a public exhibition of the artworks took place the day before. And you can download the auction catalogue here.  10% of the proceeds from the auction sale will benefit a Kuwait based non-profit organization, KAACH, the Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital.