Just LikeToms

Just like Toms flats, seen worn by a lot of celebs lately, but they're actually from River Island and retail for KD 7-8 only! A bargain! They come in fabric (silver, red, and black) and leather (white and tan). I'm still not sure if I'm a fan of Toms though.


I'm a Traveler said…
I loved them ! I wanted to get one when I was in doha a couple of weeks ago but my size was out ! I don't shop in town alot :) so I'll be cheking them out here
Confashion said…
I'm a Traveler
Hopefully you'll find your size here :)
sarah said…
The idea behind Toms :
You buy a pair of shoes and they give away a pair for someone barefoot.
It is not about the looks or the style which is a replicate of the classic french "espadrille".
It is about helping out someone in need.

I am sure fashionistas like you & your readers do appreciate this sharing and caring part of Toms, specially when it evolves our cinderella fascination with shoes.
Who cares about faux toms in topshop or any other store...