Just Like MTV Clips

You know those funky and very artistic animated clips which MTV used to show between songs and commercial breaks as a form of branding? (I want my MTV clips?), well, this featured clip by Kuwaiti Artist Tamara Al Samerraie reminded me of MTV's clips. The following is a description of the video as shown on YouTube:

"She runs up the minaret, a 55 meter spiral known as the Malwiyya. It rises opposite the qibla of the Great Mosque of AL Mutawakkil built in the 7th century in the city of Samarra, Iraq. The Mosque was considered the largest in the Islamic world at one time. The Malwiyya itself was one of the most impressive examples of Abbasid architecture. It is said that the Caliph Al Mutawakkil used to ride up the spiral on his Egyptian donkey all the way to the top to protect the Muezzin. No longer used as a place of prayer, the Malwiyya has become an organic icon, an appropriate sound vehicle to disseminate her crying moment before dark where speech is extinct, a black hole, the exit of being."