Just Like Hervé Léger...

You can proudly parade your fat-free figure wearing an Hervé Léger lookalike. I've found this version of the signature bandage dress at Reiss which retails for KD 84.950.  On a different note, love the crazy wallpaper!


Anonymous said…
hii confashions i just wanted to say i LOVE your blog i go on it everyday its a must i cant miss a day without looking at ur blog and i hope i can meet u one day!!! u have great fashion taste!! did they have x small in that dress?
Anonymous said…
What do you think of the Alviero Martini bags (with the map) ? I want to buy one but I'm hesitating. My sister thinks it's a "bad bag, a complete waste of money". So should I buy one or not?

Sorry its kindof a random question :p.
Confashion said…
Aww! Thank you soooo much! *hug*
It's so nice to hear such nice and supportive words from my readers :)

And yes they had the dress in all sizes... not sure if they're sold out now...

Honestly? I'm not a fan of the Alviero Martini bags at all. I don't know why. But it all depends on your personal style.. if you really really like it, then go for it.

For the amount of money I'd be paying, I'd rather go for a different brand...

And you're more than welcome to ask as many random questions as you want ;)
miss faty said…
love your dress and love you blog;-)
xo xo
fat free being key here ahahahahaha... no seriously, it is key LOL
Confashion said…
Miss faty
Thank you so much :)

Mrs. Handbag Addict
And confidence! :P