Introducing aennis eunis

It's very common to see Arabic calligraphy and arabesque designs used on clothes and sometimes bags. But I've never seen such calligraphy on shoes and done sooo well. That's where Jordanian designer Anas Younis Shanaah comes in with his new shoes and bags label titled aennis eunis.
Anas pursued his passion in the fashion and mode field at an early age. He obtained his degree in architecture and moved to Florence, Italy in 1992 where he worked closely with experts in leather goods. Then he moved to the New York, where he obtained his master degree from Pratt's Institute in industrial design and spent 15 years in NY working with famous designers, high-end retailers and fashion houses.

In 2009, Anas established aennis eunis in his hometown where he found his inspiration in the elements surrounding him. I really liked these two particular designs and I find them to be so perfect  paired with  caftans or summery dresses.

Comments said…
He is coming soon to Kuwait :) the retailer name is still to be confirmed!
Confashion said…
Wow! Let us know which retailer when you find out plz ;)