Inside Mademoiselle Coco's World

Guess who's walking up the infamous mirrored spiral staircase at the late Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel's apartment? Yes you read that right.  Our very own Kuwaiti Fashionisto Yousef Al Taher. He was living the dream of every  Chanel-loving girl, sitting on the notorious white couch, surrounded by antiques and lavish collectibles, and probably overwhelmed by the fact that he was right there in the place where this iconic brand all started. Yousef was there to view Chanel's Byzance Collection Presentation during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. And as usual, Yousef was kind enough to share these photos with Confashions readers. Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week wouldn't be complete without some insider/exclusive photos courtesy of  Monsieur Yousef.


lamia said…
Oh my god!!! Lucky you!!! Those pictures are amazing!! What a wonderful world !!
Anonymous said…
Dear Youesf.

Don't act like someone that it inst you. Just act yourself.


May said…
Lovely photos!
Mashalla he is really lucky to be there :)