I Heart My: The O Team

I call them Rashad's Angels, as in Rashad Tabaiat the owner of Al Othman, one of the best high-end boutiques in Kuwait. In today's I Heart My feature, I'll be showcasing the team behind all the fabulous things we see in-store, on the O blog, and on the Outlet. Let's find out what's inside the O girls' closets and why the items they have chosen are their favorite.

Thrifty O
I heart my Christian Louboutin plum suede mid-calf boots. I love them so much because they are so chic in the winter, and the color is unexpected. I'll be sad to watch them hide away for the whole summer, which seems to have already begun. I was worried these boots wouldn't match anything, but I've actually worn them with everything from dresses with tights to leggings, skinny jeans, and slim black pants. I love wearing neutral colors so they give my winter outfits a subtle touch of plum. I also bought them half a size bigger so I can wear them with thick comfortable socks! Too bad my favorite item is seasonal! I bought them from the AlOthman Outlet.

Snob O
As soon as I saw this Alexis Mabille skirt swoosh down the runway, I was smitten! Granted, it came down as a bridal ensemble, I knew it didn’t have to be worn that way. Its my favorite piece from AlOthman because it encompasses all that fashion is, dramatic, fun, wild, playful, girly, yet also classic and elegant.  This skirt may seem unwearable, but actually I’ve worn it to a wedding with a silk one shoulder lime top, to a party with a grey tee, and my sister borrowed it to a Sex and the City themed party filling her blouse with corsages.  It was perfect on all occasions and can be worn way over the top or fun and sassy.

Miss O
My favorite piece from AlOthman is my silk jersey little black dress by Proenza Schouler. I value pieces that I can wear over and over again without feeling like I am repeating my outfits. This dress is perfect because thought it s quite short, it has long sleeves to keep it conservative. Also, I have worn it in the winter with thick tights and boots, in the autumn with patterned tights and heels, in the spring with layered cardigans, and in the summer with bare legs and gold flats. It is the perfect little black dress that you can change up with accessories and different belts. It is also crazy comfortable and the jersey fabric just molds to your body. I simple adore it!
Chatty O
I heart my Zero+ Maria Cornejo geometric print dress.  The flattering fit, unique pattern, and light fabric make this my favorite summer piece. I must say that it looks extra stunning with a sun kissed tan! I love the versatility of this dress and have worn it to gatherings, dinners, and work of course.

I enjoy pairing the Zero piece with golden flat sandals in the daytime, but I find my neutral Christian Louboutin Bianca platforms ideal when wearing this look for nighttime occasions.  The ensemble is never complete without a stack of my cherished golden bangles and hoop earrings … they just add the perfect amount of flair!

I definitely can’t wait to embrace the warmer weather with my Zero + Maria Cornejo dress!

Artsy O
I heart my Erdem trench coat from his Fall 2008 collection. The black on olive green color blocking screams edgy mixed with classy. Such a fun coat guaranteed to spice up any outfit, and most importantly it’s oh so comfortable!


Anonymous said…
Oh what a great post. It really captures each one of them perfectly. Love it.
LadyB said…
Gosh I loved the pictures, is that you !
Loved the post ! They're all so stylish..

We <3 Al Othman and it's angels !!
Rana said…
Love the post! Great job! i heart the O team too!!!
4 said…
We heart the O team too! Worked with them on several occasions there are amazing! Rashad & Rana ya3jaz alkalam ina yiwafeekum 7agkum! We love you and thank you for your everything! we wouldn't be where we are today without your help and support!
Anonymous said…
You're so lucky you get to have a ton of pretty things >< *major envy rising* ;p