Flavor of the Day: Pretty in Pink

I think this shade of pink works so well with Fall's blacks and grays as well as Summer's colorful palette. Plus these pairs by Rupert Sanderson exude unmistakable elegance and appeal to heel lovers as well as those who are looking for comfort.  So which one to go for, Rupert Sanderson Kai patent wedges or Seville pumps?



Anonymous said…
I say go for the pumps, as the wedge looks more like an old ladys style! ;)
Malboos al3afyaa muqadaman! ;*
NWMH said…
Seville pumps ofcourse, the name is enuff to make my feet tingly with excitement. Enticing!
Confashion said…
All y3afeeich ;)
I thought so too! Thanks :)

haha Yeah I'll be going for the pumps. :)