Exclusive: Ashi and the Grammy's

The fabulous Ashi was kind enough to send me photos of celebrities who donned his designs at the Grammy's. In addition to Eva LangoriaAshi dressed E! presenter Giuliana DePandi (one of my face dresses), Glee's actress Naya Rivera, and singer Anna Nalick. Yup ladies and gents, that night, Ashi held the record for dressing four fabulous ladies in his designs at the same event. Isn't that amazing?! Bravo Ashi!


Anonymous said…
Wow! Mashalla...u know i was thinking...this is the FIRST time i see Giuliana DePandi wearing something I liked on the red carpet! She usually never changes her style, and its blah...but wallah I liked it...mashalla congrats to him :)
Confashion said…
I couldn't agree more! She looked fabulous!
Sn3a said…
ma sha Allah
those designs are different!! just wow

Congrats to him