Desert Rose

A few years ago I posted about a Kuwait-based handbag and leather goods brand called Shanta, the brainchild of two friends, Muneera Al Naibari and Sirine Sadeddin. They have contacted me recently to share with me their latest Fall/Winter 2011 collection titled Desert Rose. I went through the lookbook and I have noticed how their designs matured in a very elegant and simple way, yet very practical. Featured here are two of my favorite styles. Oh! And I LOVED the look in the last photo head to toe boots.

For any inquiries or order, please call Shanta on (965) 9499-6481 or (965) 9901-5037 or send an email to


Sarah said…
love love love !
the model is gorgeous btw.

dg said…
I got the first bag in a different color as a birthday present from a dear friend. Next day I was at Fashcode buying it in another color! I loved loved it. Perfect size for messenger bag and at the same time can be carried from the top handle. Loved it ! Also, the finishing is impeccable.
Confashion said…
I think so too ;) Especially in the last photo!

I'm sure the designers of Shanta would be thrilled to know that :) Which colors did you get?
Girl About Town said…
reminds me of the chloe sally bag?