Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dear Confashion: So Thin

I recently got an email from a representative of a Kuwait based brand called All about Accesstories which has just launched a cute limited edition collection of rings under the name So-thin.  Check them out here.

To order or further inquires, please send an e-mail to or call (+965) 5554-2218. 


what I Like said...

love the rings...simple yet very elegent.

miss faty said...

looooove your clutch!!!
xo xo

Sarona said...

I was looking for dainty little rings that I could wear everyday and finally came across the Jennifer Meyer stackable rings. exactly what I was looking for.
These would be a nice addition to mine.

Sara said...

That's good! I've been searching for these necklaces and bracelets men zeman bs couldn't find in reasonable price:s I really like the rings collection, so classy o ne3ooma! O so inexpensive! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Why did she manicure her nails...?

Sara said...

Amazing! I was looking for these bracelets and necklaces in a reasonable price, but I couldn't find them! I really liked the rings and like more their prices ;p thanks!


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