Dear Confashion: National Day Outfits

Q: Dear Confashion,

I have a question, I am looking for national day outfits for my kids. Is it me or it seems that this year there is nothing out there. I am looking for something that really stands out. Any idea's or suggestions?


A: Dear NN,
Unfortunately, I haven't heard or received any info on exhibitions for National Day outfits for kids. However, I do know some certain places that sell National Day outfits and decoration such as City Center, Souk Al Mubarrikya, Shamiya Mall,  but then again, I have no clue of their quality nor the style or taste.

Maybe the lovely readers of Confashions can recommend something?


RuBY_GLooM said…
The one and only place is alawqaf center in down town . All the shops will have clothes and accessories for national day, and many will modify the outfit to match ur taste. There are good and bad designs . I havent went there yet for this year celebration.
Hanadi said…
I just got mine from cut and stitch they have cute outfits with good prices:)
Maybe she can find some here (?)

Hope this helps :) said…
try Cut & Stitch, it belongs to a very stylish friend and her national day outfits are amazing for boys & girls!
call 22400232
Anonymous said…
National day collection are available by order in fashion house , Qurtoba , B 4 , St 5 , avenue 1 , H 44
Or call 99876529
Anonymous said…
Soug Al Salmiya i saw they have a bunch of tshirts and different kids outfits for national day
Anonymous said…
Check out vistoso at fb they have cool flashing tishirts