Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dear Confashion: The Henna Glove

I have received an email from The Boudoir Salon filling me in on the latest beauty craze to hit Kuwait: the henna glove.  They have a professional henna tattoo artist, so if you're interested, please call (+965) 2533-5951/2. 


LadyB said...

Already spotted a dozen featuring the same trend, the on going thing now you think?
It looks nice but I can't tolerate henna at all :/

Sarah said...

thank you! i've been looking for a place to get those!;*

Confashion said...

I can't tolerate it either (and not into the trend)... so I'll pass on this one ;) But I know some ppl liked this trend..

Anytime ;)


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