Confashions Takes a Tour Around Missoni Hotel

You can imagine how thrilled I was when I received an invite from Hotel Missoni’s marketing team to have a tour around Kuwait’s first luxury lifestyle/designer hotel. Hotel Missoni, located at Symphony Mall in Salmiya, is expected to open to the public early March 2011.

So of course I immediately accepted the invite. I had a hard time to pick what to wear! (the drama!!), going on a tour inside Hotel Missoni was like meeting the entire Missoni clan! So it was inevitable to panic! I can just imagine Rosita or Margarita Missoni showing me around? (Now I’m really pushing my luck!). Anyways, I was toured around by the super friendly staff who gladly put up with my  zillion questions and requests to “wait” so that I could take as many photos as possible. Anyways, let’s start with some quick facts first, the hotel’s architects are Dino Georgiou & Partners, The hotel's concept designer is Italian architect Matteo Thun  in collaboration with Rosita Missoni, however the interior designers are from the UK, Graven Images, from Glasgow, Scotland. William Nolan of Graven Images is still on site putting the finishing touches to the interior after Rosita's last visit 2 weeks ago.

The non-smoking hotel (love that!) includes 106 stylish guest rooms and 63 suites, all with spectacular sea-view and equipped with sleek Bang & Olufsen electronics, a Lamborghini espresso coffee machine, and an iPod dock. There are also a Missoni Cucina restaurant which will be serving authentic, traditional Italian cuisine, a Mocha Missoni coffee bar, a chocolate café with an outdoor terrace which will offer a selection of chocolate and coffee beverages, as well as sweet and savoury dishes, a Six Senses Spa, a high-tech fitness facility, and a large outdoor swimming pool tiled with Missoni's signature stripes. Other facilities include a business center and several state-of-the-art conference rooms, as well as a spacious ballroom.

In a nut shell, Hotel Missoni, without a doubt, will be the nicest and chicest hotel in Kuwait. OK enough said, let’s start the tour…

The hotel lobby
 At first glance I thought that this was a colorful wallpaper but after a closer inspection it turned out that the painted walls were covered with Missoni fringes. So cool!
Beautiful tableware! Food will only be served using Missoni plates of course
The outdoor pool area, sorry about the quality of the photo but it was really windy that night. Notice how the swimming pool tiles are stripped in a very Missoni style.
Ladies washroom
 The seating area just outside the Ballroom
 If I was a bride-to-be, I would definitely have my wedding in this ballroom! It's very spacious and cozy. Not as big as the main ballroom in the Sheraton, but the interior is definitely much nicer 
 Some floors were covered with tiny colorful tiles
 The reception area of the business center 
Now let's have a look at the rooms/suites 
A guest bathroom in one of the suites
 Beautiful glass table with wooden stand

Look at that bathtub!

The End!


may said…
Loved your review!
I would definitely want to book a room some day just for the experience!
And I agree with you with the ballroom, love it!
Ok, I'm definitely going to Kuwait as soon as it opens hahaha... I've been ignoring my bff's invitations but now I've got an extra incentive! It looks faaaaaab!
Anonymous said…
WOW! Luved it already !
Anonymous said…
Nice photos but note correction to your facts:

The hotel's concept designer is Italian architect Matteo Thun in collaboration with Rosita Missoni, however the interior designers are from the UK, Graven Images, from Glasgow, Scotland.
Confashion said…
Thank you :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Mrs Handbag addict
hahaha You're more than welcome ;)

Me too! I'm so tempted to take a tour AGAIN! Can't wait for it to officially open

Thank you for the correction :) I'll update the post