Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coco Chaotic

Chanel Boutique in Salhiya have just received their new S/S 2011 collection in-store, but I only found out about it by coincidence when I stepped inside the boutique and for the first time in my life witnessed the boutique swamped with people! I honestly thought they were having a private sale or something! Crazy!  And I have never seen the boutique with so many bags and selection to choose from. I wonder for how long the new pieces will stay on display un-sold. Probably 48 hours max? Here’s a quick look of what’s new and notable at the boutique.


1001Nights said...

Chaotic is a good word. Tsadgeen ma 3jiboni wayed hal marra shakilhum wayed 9ar3a. I'm all for creativity but chanel is CHANEL, I don't like it diverging that much from the classic look.

May said...

Yeah! I was having the same thought when I visited the boutique, I never seen so many bags there before!

lamia said...

In my opinion, Chanel should never do such designs. didn't like it at all. But I love the sandals!!!

Gucci Resort collection on my blog, take a look and telle me yor opinion, I'm sure you'll love it!!

Anonymous said...


Any idea about price range ?

Mrs. Handbag Addict said...

love the chaos

LadyB said...

I loved the blue one, the coco lock with stones look devine !

Journal Entries said...

i only liked the round red tipped shoes

Anonymous said...

واو عججيييب

Confashion said...

ditto! Ya3ni sometime I like it with they give the classic bag some modern spin, but sometimes, it's just plain ugly

I think this only happens on the first 2 days of revealing new arrivals

I liked the pumps with the red tip :)
Will do now ;)

Of the bags? No between KD 700 - KD 1500

Handbag Addict
Not me :\

This one was the cutest

Journal Entries
Same here ;)

Which one was your fave?


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