I was supposed to post about my visit to Sultan Gallery's 50/20 art exhibition earlier but as usual got caught up with other things. So finally, I'm sharing with you some of the pieces featured in 50/20, a two-part exhibition featuring a new generation of artists who are challenging the construction of Kuwait's history through visual practice. Sultan Gallery has invited a number of artists, curators and similarly occupied individuals to superimpose their own visions of Kuwait's history in this exhibition commemorating 50 years of sovereignty within the State of Kuwait. The month-long exhibit will be held in until end of February. I must say  I liked most of the pieces that were on display, however, I completely fell in love with two pieces. The first is an anti tank land mine with a Chanel logo by Hamad Khalaf (shown above). It resembles the reality of war and its polar opposite, luxury.    

A Photo embroidery with canvas, lace, linen, and cotton thread titled Requiem for Old Kuwait: 1951 - 2011 by Nadia Al Foudery
An interesting quote on one of the art pieces created by Tareq Sultan
Digital print on paper titled Monopoly Money by Tareq Sultan
Art book titled Pate by Fatima Al Qadiri and Lauren Boyle
MABRU: Luck Mascot from the Middle East by Bassem Mansour
And this is my other top favorite piece by Jassim Al Saddah and Amira Al Awadhi. The piece is titled the becoming of the Loofa Palm Leaf Witch (in local: Um il sa'af wil-leef). I loved all the details of it so much that I had to take several photos. And the quality of work is amazing especially the cut-out wood. Very impressive!
HD Video titled Yelwa by Fatima Al Qadiri and Lyndsy Welgos


New Bride said…
Mashalah creative
Anonymous said…
ur work is mashallah really awesome !!!:P
Confashion said…
New Bride
A must-visit!

This is the 2nd time I see Jassim's work and let me tell you, this young man is extremely talented. Well done.
may said…
loved it :)