United Colors of Balenciaga

After months of grays, blacks, and camels, I’m excited to see bright and bold colors reign the cruise collections. There are more greens, hot pinks, and yellows in Balenciaga’s cruise collection than I have ever seen. One item that I fell in love with is the mini emerald green cross bag featured here (last and only piece in store!).

What’s your color of choice for your next handbag purchase?


LOVEEEEEE the pinks!!! :-D
Anonymous said…
im in love ! :* cona i need ur recommendation if i decided to get balanciaga bag which one and color do u recommend i get?
Confashion said…
The Manhattan Team
So Summeray :)

I loved the emerald green one but it really depends on your wardrobe and the colors of bags you already own. You can't go wrong with red or black...