Spring in Zara

Spring has finally hit Zara! It was sooo uplifting to see pieces in solid blocks of primary and secondary colours after months of neutrals and grays.  Loved the bright orange scrub/tantheefco fitted pants which also come in cobalt blue, emerald green, and hot fuchsia.  Imagine pairing them with tops covered with a multitude of spaghetti and thick stripes a la Prada style. 

The shoes weren't that bad either. Well actually from the ones featured here, the cobalt blue was quite nice and there was a similar version in mustard yellow, but the multi-coloured strappy sandals were only nice from a far. I didn't like the finishing up-close. Can't wait to see what Zara has for us in the weeks to come. 


Zabo0o6a said…
I liked the multi colored one, but zara heels are such a pain :/
Confashion said…
I agree... most of them are. :\ Even their flats! However I do admit that I have one pair of heels from Zara I bought last season that are sooo comfortable!

I remember I bought 3 pairs previously and all were given away after wearing them only once. Unbearable to walk in!