Red Hot Chilli Dress

I was looking for this red hot structured and full dress from Zara’s evening collection (who would have guessed that this was Zara!?!?!) ever since I first saw it on their online lookbook. I went to every Zara branch in Kuwait but couldn’t find it. That was sometime in December last year and the flame has gone out only to be ignited by the cruise collections in other boutiques. 

A few days ago, I went into Zara and found the dress right there in front of me and it was the last piece! I was thrilled in the beginning and hurried to the fitting room to try it on. It looked quite nice, but it was too late. I already got my S/S priorities straight so au revoir lady in red. 


Zahra Lyla said…
So simple and chic!
Anonymous said…
One of my fave pieces in my closet!! So Alaia combined with Victoria beckham!
Confashion said…
Zahra Lyla
A mix of Celine and GGiambattista Valli
Me Blogging said…
I have the black one, eyanen, Ana ashofa Balenciaga
Confashion said…
I agree.. it has a hint of Alaia to it :)

Me Blogging
Balenciaga sans the prints :)
7aneen said…
What r ur S/S priorities ;P
Confashion said…
So far I'm at item #14 :P
I'll be sharing them with you soon :)