Museuming in Doha

A trip to Doha wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the magical Museum of Islamic Art. The building was designed by architect I. M. Pei, the same architect as Louvre's a glass-and-steel pyramid in Paris. And according to Wikipedia, 91 years old Pei had to be coaxed out of retirement to undertake this enterprise. He traveled throughout the Muslim world on a six month quest to learn about Muslim architecture and history and read Muslim texts to draw inspiration for his design.  The view of the building in real life is so overwhelming. The serenity the surrounded the building took my breath away. And of course I was mesmerized by the jaw-dropping jewelry collection. Stunning pieces indeed! Enjoy the photos I’ve taken.

Penbox made out of ivory and brass that dates back to 1003.

A necklace made from gold, spinels, diamonds, pearls 1607-1619 from India
Cameo portrait of Emperor Shah Jaha of India in c. 1630

Gold, emeralds, pearls, and rubies necklace from 17th century, 20th century setting by Cartier


The Stig said…
Loved the pictures.
I have been to Doha but we missed it I guess.
Enshalla next time :)
ilike said…
wowowo i like is,not enough i looooove the jwewlry it is undescribable
sarah said…
great pictures on art and culture in the Arab world. Fantastic museum,
Hope Kuwait will have one soon as their collection is far wider and has much more depth than the one found in Doha...
Anonymous said…
Beauutiful jewelry!
Confashion said…
The Stig
Next time inshalla you have to first do the museums thing ;)

The jewels were out of this world...

I'm not sure if Kuwait's collection is wider... but I really hope that they build sth as magnificent as the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha and focus more on cultural activities.

LWDLIK said…
Fab must go visit soon. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
We should all be proud that most of Qatar's Islamic art collection was purchased from the late Jassim Al-Homaizi, one of the first Kuwaiti collectors of Art in Kuwait. And its so sad to see that the Kuwaiti government did not purchase that collection when it was first offered to them before Qatar!