Mesmerized by Margherita

When I visited Starch Boutique recently, in addition to Racha El Abbas's designs, I was captivated by a selection of beautifully made handbags in the softest leather, they were raw yet feminine, and more than a little feisty. I felt they were blessedly un precious, which makes them as stylish with  skinny/slouchy jeans as with a lacy/floral whimsical dress. 

The handbags are the creation of Margherita (Ghita) Abi-Hanna, who was born in Kuwait in 1979 where she spent the first ten years of her life. Gita then moved to Lebanon and completed her studies at AUB, obtaining a Bachelor in Graphic Design with distinction in 2002.  After graduating, she worked as a senior graphic designer with local design and communication agency “Mind the gap” for almost three years, following which she decided to branch out and start her own career as a freelance designer.  In 2009, she moved to Italy to attend a one year master program in accessories design at Domus Academy in Milan.
Currently relocated in Lebanon, Ghita launched her own line of leather accessories and jewelry called Margherita at Starch Boutique in Saifi Village. Her collection is carefully hand-crafted by Lebanese artisans using predominantly natural materials with beautiful origami detailing. The collection consists of 6 bags handmade from leather, metal, custom wood handles and cotton lining. Each unique bag’s earthy tones of the softest leather and wood are contrasted with the vibrant hues of its fabric interior. 

Also echoing the concept are 2 rings made from silver and brass (scroll down to see them), molded into geometrical frames that enfold pieces of pleated leather.

If you wish to contact the designer, please call (+961)   3674418 or send an e-mail to:  


Wonderful!! Love the rings and bags!!
I love the rings!
Confashion said…
Mademoiselle Lily and Zahra
The rings are stunning! What's cool about them is that you get to choose whether you want brass or silver and undo and change the leather color to suit your outfit! Smart! :)
fabfabyo said…
Loving the ring!!
Confashion said…
The ring was one of my fave items in store..