I Heart My: Butter Hot Shoes

I Heart My is the latest segment on Confashions where you'll get to see people in the fashion and blogging world sharing their #1 most favorite fashion item.  First up is Zubaida from Butter Hot Shoes, she is a Dubai-based fashion blogger, artist, and student of Dental Surgery (or as I would like to refer to her as Blogger, beauty and brains).  She is one of the sweetest bloggers around  with an amazing taste for shoes.  I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy reading her blog. So, take it away Zubaida….

"My Love 100 suede pumps by Christian Louboutin are my favorite. I have a lot of shoes from Christian Louboutin which are also very hot but this pair I can't live without because they have a unique beauty. The fact that they are black pumps means I can wear them with anything I want and the strass "Love" is just so romantic and adds a pretty bling effect to the outfit.
The heels are approximately 4 inches, which means they are walkable for a long time before the dreaded high heels' pain kicks in. Christian Louboutin was inspired by Princess Diana when he designed these shoes, he said he wanted her to always have love at her feet. She is a beauty icon to me and reminds me of my mother who is also called Diana. Those are the main reasons why I love those shoes the most."


LadyB said…
I've been a constant follower of Z's blog for quite a while, she keeps bringing new things to the table ! and not to forget her shoe collection is to die forr !
Confashion said…
Her blog is a must read. As for her shoe collection, I second that ;)
Zubaida said…
Thank you LadyB <3 I am so glad you like my blog and shoes. Xoxo

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