Fit for Paris

The moment I stepped inside this fitting room in Antonio Marras boutique located in Thurraya Complex, I felt like I was sitting in a Parisian shabby chic apartment: the semi-rustic crystal chandelier, the vintage-like dresser, the shiny parquet floor, and the imperfect red mini sofa. I then realized two thing, one that there is often beauty in that which is imperfect. And two, most retailers in Kuwait do not make an effort to design an appealing and comfortable fitting room. Boutique 4 has one of my favorite fitting rooms with it creepy hand hanger. 

What about you, which store/boutique in Kuwait that has your most favorite fitting room?


lameta said…
pronovias 360 mall

very spacious :)
miss ghesquiere said…
dries in villa hands down
Confashion said…
I haven't been there yet.. I'll pass by to give it a look ;)

Miss ghesquiere
I remember their rooms were spacious but I don't recall the interior. I do remember Etro though.. which also happens to have some really nice fitting rooms