Du Fleur

This post is long overdue, but I finally managed to have the time to write about a brand that infatuated me while shopping in Starch Boutique in Beirut a few months ago.  Allow me to introduce you to Emily Cremona, establish by two young designers in autumn of 2009.  Emily Cremona was selected to showcase their first collection at Starch Boutique in October 2010. I have contacted the designers to know more about them and their collection.

Deena Cremona Wassef is a Lebanese-Egyptian designer who studied fashion design at Notre Dame University, where she received a high honor bachelor degree in 2009. Wassef, the designer of the brand, co-founded Emily Cremona with Rouba Emily Mouawad, Lebanese, who studied Interior Design at the Lebanese American University, who also recently graduated with a bachelor degree in spring 2010.

In A/W 2010/2011, Emily Cremona revealed its “Du Fleur” collection. They sought to create garments envisioning an androgynous type of silhouette, one that is fragile, poetic, and expresses romanticism.

What I liked about their collection is that it offers unique designs not dictated by the fashion masses. It had a mix of much stated femininity with a slight hint of masculinity. Think romantic full tulle dresses and skirts paired with fitted tailcoat jackets (as shown above). The collection was dominated by two colors black and white. If you ever get the chance to go to Beirut, when things calm a bit, make sure you check out their collection at Starch Boutique to get a full view of their creativity. 


Anonymous said…
Pretty :)
marianna said…
LOVED THE COLLECTION!! so beautiful, so creative, majestic and elegant, magical!!
keep up the amazing work...WILL BE EXPECTING MORE dazzling designs from the beautiful red head leprechaun!!
emily said…
Merci Mademoiselle Confashions!
Confashion said…
I agree ;)

The tulle white skirt is so prefect for a modern wedding reception!
Same here, can't wait to see more :)

You're more than welcome ;)
Fady said…
What a refreshing an exquisite collection,, all the best for these young designers
Anonymous said…
what an elegant & regal line!