Dear Confashion: Here and there

  • Say hello to LadyBQ8. The latest and sweetest addition to the Kuwaiti Blogesphere.
  • Mashallah  is a trilingual, urban, arty and social creation of a collective of journalists, bloggers, photographers, and graphic designers.  A brand new platform of disOriented news, Mashallah  brings you unexpected and original stories from cities everywhere between the Moroccan shores and the Iranian coast.
  • Kuwait Music is Kuwait’s first ever professional community for Musicians, gigs, events, live shows, auditions and entertainment. It is designed to connect  event managers with talented artists in Kuwait.  I attended a couple of events thanks to their up-to-date calendar. Very well designed and easy-to-navigate website too. 


The team at Kuwait Music is fantastic! I wish them all the best :)

Be sure to also check out our blog to remain updated with social events & activities happening around Kuwait, Confashions :)
Zabo0o6a said…
Awww, thnx sweeeeety :**
Confashion said…
The Grapevine Kuwait
I'll do that for sure ;)

Anytime love ;)
Awww I love the blogoshpere in kuwait and the great help everyone shows to the others.

Thank you so much for mentioning our website ConfashionsfromKuwait :).

And I love TheGrapevine's speedy updates and variety of events.

Keep up everyone :)
sarah said…
Thanks for the Mashaalah news: excellent quality and great news.