Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dear Confashion: Chanel in Hong Kong

A very sweet friend has sent me a photo of Chanel's window display in Hong Kong while vacationing there.  She was shocked at how crowded the boutique was! And to get in, you had to wait in queue for at least 20 minutes! According to her, it was the biggest Chanel boutique she has ever seen. That's China, the new lap of luxury. And look at how cute their gift wrap is with the little Chanel jacket charm. Heart! 


Anonymous said...

I bought something from Chanel here in Kuwait, and they put for me the jacket charm too;)

Anonymous said...

Yes I've been there, Chinese are really crazy about brands, there is even a queue at Hermes.

Confashion said...


wow.. I'd love to visit Hong Kong..


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