Spotted the cutest preppy-yet-oh-so-feminine sheer top embellished with crystals at Uterqüe boutique in the Avenues, it kind of has the aesthetic of Miu Miu tops of S/S season 2010 minus the prints. 


La MuSeS said…
نا حبيت كتيررررر مدونتكم عن الموضة و الازياء بالكويت بس بدي نصيحتكم بأمرين
الاول : الان التنزيلات ليانة الدنيا وين برأيك ممكن لاقي بالسالمية محلات بالتنزيلات أزيائها حلوة غير بيرشكا و زارا و سترادي و بول اند بير و H&M

سؤال 2
أين ممكن أجد ملابس رصينة و حميلة من مقاس 18 - 28
للوالدة لانوا ملينا بيغ اند الغنت و ايفانز

وشكرا ...;)
The Mazuona said…
Hi there! I just want to let you know that you inspire me. Therefore, I am presenting you with this award,the Stylish Blogger award. It's not much but I hope you appreciate it. :-)

Keep rocking! :-)

❤Eura said…
Hi there Confashions!!!
Check out what found similar to the top in this post!! it is from topshop! just 100$
here is the link
Hijabs and Co said…
luv it mashallah
Confashion said…
La Muses
Thank you for your kind words :)
It really depends on your budget. If you're looking for affordable brands, try Karen Millen, Reiss, Banana Republic, GAP for basics, River Island... etc.

If you're looking for designer bargains, try Villa Moda,, and Closet Candy.

As for your 2nd part of your question, try Marina Rinaldi in Salhiya Complex, and BASLER in the Avenues and Arraya Complex.

The Mazouna
Thank you soooooo soooo much! You made my day :**
Wow! Great Find! ;) Thanks for sharing :)

Hijabs and Co
I'm glad you do ;)