Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Charming.. However...

I have a hate/love relationship with key chain/handbag charms. I love the way they look (remember how cute Prada’s robot and Marni’s stuffed dolls looked?!), bought several ones throughout my fashion/shopping obsessed years, but I just hate the way they look hanging on my handbag. They ended up being un-used and neatly stored in my drawer. I did try to attach some of them to my chain necklaces, but that didn’t work either. I haven’t bought bag charms for quite some time, and I was thiiiise close to buy the LV speedy charm (featured here) the other day while shopping at LV boutique in Salhiya Complex just because it looked “cute”! Thank God I came back to my senses and didn’t… They do make a cute gift though… right?


mimi said...

I know exactly what u mean .. Thats why i never buy them i just like looking at them becuz they're so damn cuuute :)

Confashion said...

Super cute! Sigh!


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