Chain Reaction

Noticed a trend in shoes while shopping around K-town all from Fall 2010 collections and all inspired by Chanel's classic chain strap. Let’s start from top (and my favorite): Chloe’s T-chain strap flats in very soft leather and peep-two heels both available at Scarpe boutique in the Avenues. And next we have peep-toe strappy heels decorated not only in leather chains but also pearl from Moschino’s previous collection (I could have sworn that those were Chanel!)... All looked pretty but for some reason the Chloe ones are not on sale... Hurry hurry chop-chop!! Almost all retailer online and offline are on sale! And we want a proper 50%-60% sale not a stingy 15% or 20% kind of sale! Thank you.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for your request!!!!
For some weird reason Chloe and its group (in Kuwait) never follow the worldwide sale pattern, they always stay at 20% max and in mid of the next season they do their 50%, then they wonder why so much stock!!!
Confashion said…
I couldn't agree more. I think retailers in Kuwait should follow the international retailer especially with the boom of online shopping and forward mailing addresses.