Webby Wednesday: The-polyglot.blogspot.com

We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike"
This quote by American autobiographer and poet Dr. Maya Angelou immediately came to my mind after getting to know more about Dia Magazine’s Editor at Large and one of the early leaders of fashion and lifestyle blogging scene in our region, Alex Aubry.

Alex Aubry is a Chicago-based writer, educator, curator and fashion/cultural historian. His work has been published in various publications including Unfair Magazine, Muraqqa, and Dia Magazine. He is currently the Editor at Large for Dia, a London-based publication geared towards the Middle East and its Diaspora. He has created his own blog four years ago, The Polyglot, as a reaction to a comment made by Condé Nast’s Jonathan Newhouse concerning why the Middle East would never have its own Vogue. “It made me realize that we do have the power to change perceptions through dialogue and media.” stated Aubry to Confashions.

After several months of un-blogging, Aubry decided to return to the blogging scene and post unedited versions of his published work as well as new material.

As the editor at large for Dia Magazine, I’ve made it my mission to bridge cultures and break stereotypes about the Middle East through a shared appreciation for art, fashion and design. Through interviews and articles my hope is to bring to light a Middle East so diverse that it defies our notions of identity, race, religion and even creativity.” Expressed Aubry.

Aubry uses examples from Vogue’s archives to show the world that the Middle East has had a presence in its pages and the fashion world at large for decades. As you skim through the-polyglot you will find interviews with fashion insiders, and in depth articles on everything from Vogue’s first fashion shoots in the region to the pioneering fashion boutiques in the Gulf.  “My hope is to establish a venue where a creative community of like-minded individuals can come together and exchange ideas. At the end of the day we share a lot more in common than may be apparent at first.”

The polyglot has also featured yours truly, you can read the interview here (Thank you so much for the beautiful intro).


Hellwafashion said…
That's the first time I heard of that blog, it's such an excellent read, thanks for posting about it. I wholeheartedly agree with what you said in your interview: "bloggers in the Middle East need to be committed to their blogs, provide new and relevant material to their local or regional scene, post frequently, and most importantly, post objectively with a sense of social responsibility"
I think the standard of good blogs in the Middle East is really high, & if we all continue to do what we do best, our influence will increase & we will create a very powerful industry.
Confashion said…
Anytime :) I'm glad to know that Alex is now back in the blogging scene. His posts are origional and very well-written :)