A Tartan Tale

MAC’s latest limited edition collection for the holidays: Tartan Tale was revealed in K-town 2 days ago. When I first laid eyes on MAC’s Tartan Tale, I instantly ruled it out based on the unattractive packaging (The tartan should only be allowed to be used if you happen to be Vivianne Westwood, Burberry, or the late Mcqueen), especially when MAC produced gorgeous packaging for their Venomous Villains, Hello Kitty, and beach collections.
However, I decided to give tacky packaging the benefit of the doubt, and after a closer inspection, I got sucked into the products. I must admit the products themselves are just fab, I think they’ll be snapped up like hotcakes. The little brush bags are my favorite products of the collection because for merely KD 23 you get to have 5 different brushes for applying eye shadow, foundation, etc… The normal brush usually sells for KD 14 ALONE. I also liked the eye shadow palettes metallic, smoky, and warm. There was also a set of 5 lip glasses that come in a tartan tin. The collection makes a great gift for a beauty junkie.


Anonymous said…
Someone is going shopping tomorrow... hmm hmmm thanks to you! Hahahaha

Next time email me about such stuff before you post'em LOL
Confashion said…
lol! I promise next time to notify you as soon as I find out about any collections! ;)