Satins and Soles

I'm probably most inclined to splurge on the highest heels with statment details, but then I'm always dismayed I don't get to wear them all the time. Did that ever stop me from buying more? Nooo. And today I have added one more cobalt blue pair to my wish list. Allow me to introduce you to the newest name in Shoes business, Liam Fahy.  The winner of the first Fashion Fringe accessories has been selected by Colin Mc Dowell and Manolo Blahnik as the protégé of Rupert Sanderson. African born, London based Liam Fahy has spent the past few years refining his design talent in Italy alongside veteran artisans of the luxury trade.

The collection is made of the finest, most expensive satins, pythons and vernice in Italy, whilst the soles are painstakingly hand crafted with individual silver characters as is the signature of Liam Fahy.  The range is inspired by pure elegance with low cut lines and sexy silhouettes whilst the fixtures are constructed in traditional silversmith techniques inspired by 13th century armor and jewellery.  The collection will be produced in a limited edition of only 500 pairs and should be available next year around May through the designer's exclusive e-boutique.



Anonymous said…
Feels like I saw same designs before. Don't see anything new or creative in them.
Good luck to him